My Japanese progress video #2

the video is in 3d but you can view it in 3d by clicking the 3d button and selecting Right Image Only

Well, it’s all Greek to me, but I enjoyed watching you.

as someone who speaks greek I find the above somewhat ironic yet still complimentary so thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, Sanne T. I’ve just saved this phrase “it’s all Greek to me” on my Vocabulary Liste, that means “this makes no sense; I don’t understand this”.

To yuriythebest,
I also enjoyed watching your video.

Yuriy san, konnitiwa!
Anatano video mimashita.

I think your Japanese is getting better and better. You probably read and listened to my content(Akkie series) in Japanese library.
She says “Watashiwa … ga dai suki desu, demo … wa kiraidesu.”

Here is my correction.
Ohayou gozaimashitanda. It sounds like this. It sounds strange.
Ohayou gozaimasu. is better.

Watashiwa dai subarashii desukedo. (wrong)
We don’t say “dai subarashii”. totemo subarashii is better.
However we don’t say “watashiwa totemo subarashii desu.”, because we(Japanese) don’t praise ourselves.

dai yasashii (wrong)
totemo yasashii is better. or amari muzukashiku nai desu
or amari muzukashiku arimasen

You said “nihongo ga tottemo ookiidesu”. (wrong)
You probably want to say " nihongo wo takusan bennkyo simashita." I studied Japanese very hard.

Before you said “watashi wa eigaga dai sukidesu.” , you said something “watasiha ??? ga daisukidesu. ??? totemo subarashii desu.” I couldn’t understand what you said.

You said “Television ga internet kara kimashita.” (wrong)
You probably want to say “Internet de terebi(television) ga miremasu.”

Lastly, you said “sosite watashi wa ikimasyou” (wrong)
Kyou wa konohenn de. or Konkai wa konohenn de owarini shimasu.

Please understand that my above correction is just for the help. I don’t mean to let you down. Keep up the good work!

Nihongo no benkyo gannbatte kudasai !

nobuo thanks for the corrections I really appreciate it!

“Watashiwa dai subarashii desukedo” - here I meant not that “I’m an amazing guy” (though I am :slight_smile: ) but that “I’m great” as in “I feel great”. How do you say that in japanese? I was indeed worried that this line might be interpreted that way.

“nihongo ga tottemo ookiidesu” - here I meant that the japanese language is very large/voluble

“Kyou wa konohenn de. or Konkai wa konohenn de owarini shimasu”. -
can you translate what the words mean?

nobuo or if I say something like “kyo wa i otenki desu kara, tottemo subarashii desu” will that make sense? (because today the weather is good I’m awesome)

also I keep saying watashi wa… watashi wa… can you give tips on how to avoid that?


You can say in Japanese like…
Totemo kibun ga ii desu.
Saikou no kibun desu.
“kibun” is feel. ii is the same as yoi, it means good.
“saikou” means best.
We often omit " watashi wa" in Japanese.

I don’t understand the meaning of “the japanese language is very large/voluble”.

Kyou wa konohen de owari ni shimasu.
We often say when we want to stop the conversation or speaking. It means “That’s all for today.”
Kyou means today. Owari means the end.
When you want to stop speaking or leaving, you can say “kyou wa konohen de owari ni shimasu.”

Kyouwa ii tenki desukara, tottemo kibun ga ii desu. It’s better.
“kibun ga ii desu” means “I feel great.”

As I said before, you can omit “watashi wa” in Japanese.
Of course you can sometimes say “watashi wa”, but we don’t often say watashi wa many times like this.

Watashi wa nihon ga daisuki desu. Kyou wa saikou no kibun desu. Takusan himaga arimashita node ippai nihongo no benkyo wo shiteimasu. Sugoi desyo.

Watashi wa nihongo ga daisukidesu. Nihongo wa sonnani muzukashiku arimasen, nihongo wa totemo yasashii desu.

thanks that was most helpful!

"I don’t understand the meaning of “the japanese language is very large/voluble”. "

  • I meant that the japanese language has many words/expressions/etc so it’s voluble/large (as indeed all languages are)

These sounds natural in Japanese. Please don’t say “dai” too often.

Ohayou gozaimasu

Watashi wa yuriy desu. Nihon jin ja arimasen, Ukraine desu.
Ima natu desuga, takusan hima ga arimashita node ippai nihongo no bennkyou wo shite imasu. Watashi wa nihongo ga dai sukidesu. Nihongo wa sonnani muzukashiku arimasenn, tottemo yasashii desu. Muzukashiku naito omoimasu.

Watashi wa eiga ga dai sukidesu. Demo 2D eiga wa suki ja arimasen. 3D eiga ga suki desu.

Ukraine wa mushi atsui desu kedo, Ukuraine no tenki wa suki desu.

Sore dewa kyou wa konohende. Jya mata!

Ukuraine jin desu.

Ukraine jin desu.

thanks! but how do you say “japanese is voluble/large” in japanese?

Nihongo wa goi ga ooi desu kedo. (formal way)
goi means vocabs.
ooi means many.

Nihongo wa iroirona hyougen ga arimasu ga (I think this is better)
iroirona means variety or many kinds
hyougen means expression.
The last “ga” means “but”.

Hope this helps