"My Imports"?

“My Imports”???

I’m trying to access Guided Courses. Zoran said to click My Imports to access guided courses. Where does one find My Imports?

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Hi Humble,

I think there may be a misunderstanding somewhere - Guided Courses are now a shelf in the library - You should see a shelf with that name just like you see shelves with names like Culture, Entertainment, etc.

From Zoran:

 Hi Anna,
 All created Guided courses will appear under Courses option on "My Imports"
  page. Guided course is like a playlist, you can add any lesson you want into it.
 That means that you can mix lessons from different courses into Guided course.
 Hope this helps!

I couldn’t find Guided Courses, so I searched for them according to Zoran’s tip. The above post, however, is six years old; obviously LingQ content and configurations have changed. Makes me wonder, though, why this post still exists.

I accidentally did find Guided Courses.