My great experience with Lingq and listening comprehension

I noticed since using the Lingq system while i’m currently learning spanish my listening comprehension skills have drastically improved. In the past I could rarely understand what native speakers said to me and that bothered me the most. I like the idea of listening and reading because I feel that many languages courses neglect this. Also I use other methods for listening as i’m sure most others do such as television, music, and of course podcasts, but Lingq has been my favorite thus far. I’m fairly new with the Lingq system ,but the other day I had a conversation with a native spanish speaker who did not speak any english, and it felt great to make that achievement!


Wow, thank you for letting us know. I firmly believe that listening comprehension is the core skill that we need to improve in language learning. If we cannot understand what people are saying, it is very difficult to have a conversation. Of course, we need words in order to understand what people are saying. That is why there is so much emphasis here LingQ in building up a big vocabulary. If we acquire this vocabulary honestly, through lots of listening and reading, our brain becomes more and more familiar with the language. This makes it a lot easier for us to develop our speaking and writing abilities. Good luck to you and cheers.

Thanks Steve, I totally agree!

Hey RomelleA,

it´s great to hear that you´re making progress - keep it up !:slight_smile:
I´ve made the same experience: lingQ+movies+music = listening comprehension ownage^^

@Paule89 Thanks!