My first impressions of studying with the LingQ method (Spanish)

Especially to Steve as the inventor of the LingQ method I would like to give a feedback about my first experiences with LingQ.

I am also a context-oriented language learner and I was always looking for the combination of audios with text transcripts. Some time ago I was browsing through the internet for podcasts in advanced French and found quite a lot of websites with such podacasts - but without text transcripts!!! Of course you can find a lot of texts in different languages in the internet about topics of individual interest - but without podcasts!!! And now LingQ brings both together, the foreign language texts and the foreign language podcasts. So I am very happy now that I can work with such material.

I find it a very good invention to create LingQs as a vocabulary builder, because this sytem is indivudualized in many ways:

  1. I decide by myself which words or espressions are unknown to me or need explantation
  2. I have different ways available to look words up, if a meaning is not already given. I personally prefer Google translate.
  3. I am free to chose which language I use as a “native language”, therefore I have the possibility to have the words of my target language (Spanish) translated into another foreign language (I chose English in this case, but I want to try out French as well)
  4. I can adjust the translation of my LingQ words to my own needs by for example giving the infinitve of a verb or, if the English translation remains unclear to me, I can add another translation in German.

It’s a new experience for me to work with electronic flashcards and I enjoy doing it. Besides this I apreciate the possiblity that I can print out vocabulary lists whenever I want to .

It would be useful for me to use the “writing essays and having them corrected” feature, but I cannot pay for this service. So I must do without it . But I see that I could write essays for myself and just save them as an excercise.

Concerning conversations with a tutor I cannot say anything, because I haven’t got the points nor could I invest money in buying them. I have just lost my job and my financial situation is unclear,