My definitions are disappearing and then reappearing

I have created a new definition entry. Then seconds later, it disappears or reappears. It is happening in the lesson below

I am on the website, chrome, windows 10

Every time this happens the word status reverts to “1.”
I think this behavior is linked to how you sort the words by popularity. Regardless, this is extremely distracting and disturbing to see. It is happening in every lesson that I have opened today.

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It’s also been happening to me (Chrome, MacOS Ventura) for the past day or two.

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Can you let me know is there any specific word in a lesson you added an URL for you have that problem with? I’d like to test this on my end.

Today, I didn’t create a list of words when this occurred. I will tomorrow and send it to you. But this is happening on almost every definition that made that had multiple entries. I often, add definitions in English and Spanish. I also like to separate the information as much as possible because font size is hard for me to read.

The words below all caused definitions to disappear and reappear in the lesson I cited.

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Thanks, we are looking into this.

This is still happening in Chinese and Spanish. Have you been able to test this?

I asked our developers to check this again.

many times when i add a new meaning it disappear for some seconds and reappear by itself. Very annoying because i have to wait to be sure it will reappear. And sometimes everything crashes and i have to reload the page

This is still happening. Last week it seemed better. Today it is worse.


Problem still occurring. It is not lesson specific, but happens whenever you try and add more than one definition per word.

We will look into this for you.

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