My Courses tab broken

There are no lessons under my courses or the course library tabs on android or web. I can’t do any new lessons.
I am so frustrated right now, playlist still doesn’t work, now I can’t even do a new lesson.

The same here, all my imported courses disappeared, it’s very frustrating.:anguished:

Hi, we just pushed a major new update and we’re working on ironing out some startup issues. But, I think if you go to the new My Lessons tab and refresh, you should see all your lessons. To see your courses, just click the lessons/courses switch.

The courses are back now🙂.

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Again, you should refresh that page and then go to the new My Lessons tab. Choose the sort Newly Imported to see only imported lessons or courses. Use the lessons/courses switch to toggle between lessons and courses.

Thanks. My courses sees to be half working now too. I can see my courses, but theres also a lot of random junk courses in there too.

I like the new look by the way. Just logging on to Lingq at 7am and not being able to find my lessons was not the best.


Sorry about that! This is a major update so we know it is a big surprise.

Are you saying you are seeing courses that are not courses you have ever looked at?

Yes, courses I have never seen. They have 1 or two lessons in them imported by other users. I shouldn’t have called them junk courses, just courses that were not previously in my course list.

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Same here - cannot ta find all my imported courses (only some). Also a lot of “random” courses when toggling the course view. Not too excited about the new interface tbh.

Here is a link to more detail on the changes we made By the way, the results in your Lessons tabs may be a bit strange for the next four or five hours until all lesson data has been properly indexed. Please be patient if there are some strange results showing. By tomorrow, if you still see strange results, please let us know.


There are some strange results appearing which we are working on removing. But, are you sure all imported courses aren’t there somewhere even if you have to go to the next page of results?

We are working on figuring out why the extra courses are appearing in results. Sorry about that. The list of lessons should be correct though.