My Chinese 90-Day Challenge Vlog

This is my first progress video of my new 90 Day Challenge for learning Chinese. After a year of living in China, I can speak a little Chinese. I wanted to get back into proper Chinese learning, so I thought I’d record my progress with a series of videos as I go through this Chinese learning 90-day challenge.

I love Lingq, and as a kind of show of accountability, I’m sharing with you all my Chinese language learning journey…

Let me know what you think! And please share your stories.


Awesome James. Great video.

I’ll add this to the LingQ Weekly Round Up Newsletter.

I’m using LingQ for Japanese and have 10K words - goal is to get 30K!

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Thanks for that Eric! Good luck with your 30K target, that’s great.

Nice Content James! I would like to see the vlogging of someone going from zero to beginner intermediate in any Asian Language using LingQ.

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