My brother started using LingQ

Still remember my brother who resists English? A number of members here suggested using cartoon last time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. He’s attracted by those silly TV programs starting from 4p.m.
Therefore, i let him try LingQ and unexpectedly he seems to have fun using it. I taught him how to ‘lingq’ and choose the status. He’s already saved a number of words.
Anyway, i don’t think he’s going to stick to it. He only cares about saving words which make his ‘egg’ hatch. To him, the most appealing feature at LingQ is the avatar…

“To him, the most appealing feature at LingQ is the avatar…”

The same is true for my daughter too. She doesn’t understand the statistics on the profile page, but gets very excited when she can buy her avatar a hat.

If I remember correctly there is a professor at Kyoto university who has done some research on the effect of avatars on second language learning.

Certainly, with children as young as your brother, it can sometimes be good to “trick” them into learning. If he’s saving words for the sake of his Avatar growing, then he will certainly be learning in the process, even if it isn’t his immediate goal :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for a nice selection of brown ales to tickle the lips of my French avatar (he’s a bit sick of Bordeaux wines and Normandy cider), but nothing forthcoming so far…

Who is this professor in Kyoto? Maybe we should be approaching him about what we’re doing…?

Dr Mark Petersen, Kyoto university. From googling him I saw that he has looked at CALL and second life with relation to language learning.

I have found these articles of his, I must admit I haven’t read them yet:

One of our Japanese LingQ members has already met him and talked about LingQ, apropos of studying SLA in his department. She said he seemed interested, although how interested I don’t know.

I’ve been thinking about following up with an e-mail, and have been thinking about what to say. (I probably ought to read his articles first)

I asked my daughter what she likes most at LingQ and her answer was … the avatar.

But she’s also looking at the stats.

I think we should change all the avatars to pictures of me. That will get our female membership up for sure.

Who’s with me!!!

…my brother probably won’t continue using LingQ then. He will be scared or amazed at the man that hatches from an egg.

No worries roniamik, it’d be optional, I’d be a Beta Avatar…

Flowersuccess is designing about a million different avatar outfits. If she ever works out how to e-mail them to Alex it could revolutionise LingQ.

But how to make such great amount of outfits?