My blogs: Searching for a name

Thanks to LingQ I’ve made a lot of new experiences, and I’ve started a lot of things. One of these new things was to write a blog. And now there is not only one blog, I’ve lots of blogs.

Due to the recommendation of a LingQ member I used Posterous for blogging. About one year ago Twitter bought Posterous, and they stopped developing new features. And it looks like it could happen that they stop running their service. That is why I’m looking for alternatives.

My favourite alternative is to host the blogs on my own with wordpress. It will cost me some money each year but it prevents me from unwanted advertisement on my blog, and from the risk that a service won’t run furthermore in the future.

I’ve read that I can host several blogs under one domain with several subdomaines. That sounds good to me because the costs increases with every domain and every single database for the blogs. Now I’m looking for a name of the main domain that sounds good in German and English as well. What do you think about a domain name “”? The subdomaines would be close to the names of my current blogs for example:

I like Posterous a lot. The problem is that they annonced an export tool 4 weeks ago without any further comment. Since march there is no statement from Posterous and Twitter about the future of Posterous. The service had more and more down-times in the past. Twitter bought Posterous only because of the stuff. The stuff works now on the development of Twitter. If you read on different forums on the Internet you’ll find a lot of people guessing that the end of Posterous is near, and I would agree according to the last 9 months.

Blogger is not an alternative because it is running by Google. My decision to host it myself is made. But I’m wondering which name I should chose to be prepared :slight_smile:

We, too, at LingQ are wondering what will happen with Posterous. Let us know how it goes with Wordpress. I’m not sure what all your blogs are about but you may want to try a more catchy or lively domain name like or or something similar. Good luck!

Great minds think alike! I have actually taken down my posterous blog (and may not even bother with a new one.)

@Mark: I’ve different blogs and they are not all about language learning. That is why I look for a domain name that is more general. Then I want to add the subject in the sub-domain. Does “” sound natural in English?

@Vera - Does “” sound natural in English?

To my American ears, yes, does sound natural.

I am impressed that you write several blogs. Blogging, learning languages, creating LingQ lessons, tutoring, raising a daughter and working. You are indefatigable.

Sounds natural to me too!” sounds natural to me as well. If you deconstruct the name, Verasblogs it reads, from Spanish to English:

Ver as blogs = to see (as) blogs, to examine (as) blogs, to meet (as) blogs, to understand (as) blogs. Pretty neat, huh?

Thank you all.

@donhamiltontx: Thank you. Some of the blogs are more statically, and provide useful information for learners. Some of them are more private for special readers only. I’m good organized, that helps me to do a lot. Unfortunately I’ve an illness since 2 years which costs me a lot of my energy. That is why I reduced my activities as a tutor because I never now how I’ll feel the other day. I’ve to admit that it the idea to move the blogs to another place is horrible at the one end but quite challenging on the other hand. I’ve never used Wordpress but I’ve read a book and several blogs, forum posts and FAQ about it and I guess I can manage it. I love challenges.

@Yvette: I don’t know any Spanish but I’m glad that the name works in Spanish too, and that it is very meaningful in Spanish :wink:

Danke Hans-Peter, habe ich schon selber herausgefunden. Der Backup ist ziemlich nutzlos, aber die Import-Funktion habe ich schon am meinem Rechner mit einem lokalen Wordpress getestet und das funktioniert ganz gut :slight_smile:

Weil Du dabei nur einzelne HTML-Dateien erhältst. Der Importer liefert wesentlich bessere Ergebnisse, finde ich. Ich werde zwar auch Backups machen, aber vorher auf jeden Fall auch alles in ein lokales Wordpress sichern.

Also ich habe die Umlaute bei meinem Test korrekt rüberbekommen. Ich bin jetzt knapp dran, aber ich glaube, irgendwo muss man den Zeichensatz im Wordpress vorher richtig einstellen. Ich schaue später mal nach und gebe Dir Bescheid.

Ich habe das Plugin Posterous Importer verwendet und dazu brauche ich die XML-Datei von Posterous nicht. Damit werden die Daten direkt aus dem Posterous Blog gelesen.

Ablauf: Zunächst das Plugin Posterous Importer installieren und aktivieren
Dann unter Werkzeuge “Daten importieren” auswählen. Damit werden die Daten von Posterous geholt. Je nach Umfang das Blogs dauert das eine Weile. Es gibt allerdings eine kleine Tücke, falls Du mehrere Blogs bei Posterous hast: Egal welchen Blog man auswählt, es wird immer der primäre Blog geholt. Aber man kann ziemlich einfach einen anderen Blog zum Primary machen.

Ich hoffe, das hilft Dir weiter.

Ich bin mir nur noch nicht sicher, ob ich Multiside verwenden soll oder nicht, da ich mehrere Blogs habe.


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Meine neuen Blogs finden sich hier / You find my new blogs here:

Ich muss noch die Verweise auf die alten Blogs zu den neuen Blogs an vielen Stellen ändern, aber ich arbeite daran :wink:
I have to change the links to the old Blogs to the new Blogs at many places, but I’m working on it :wink: