My Availability

Dear Support,

Can you make my availability visible, please?

It seems that I am listed as being unavailable when indeed I am. I am not sure exactly where this is occurring however this is a message that I got from a LingQer within the last hour. She kindly include the screen shot, in German, of the message that she got when she was trying to access my availability. Perhaps it is anywhere that LingQers click on my name.

Yes, Nia, you are back in the list of tutors, BUT if anyone is clicking on your name, then there are no times.

The times are only in your profile. I think, many students don’t know, that there would be a possibility to book.

It would be better, you would bring the timetable here, too.

Bye for now,

------I deleted her name----

You can see, there is the conversation we had – I don’t know why it is not yet deleted.

But in this place is no possibility to book a time.

The text is: “Sorry, there are no conversations available, but tell us which time, which Tutor and which language you are looking for. We try to look for a time that we can offer.”

Can you make my availability visible, please? Thank you.


@itesonia - Learners should actually be able to go directly to your profile and sign up for conversations with you. Conversation times appear on the left hand side.

There is sometimes a delay in the database updating search results. It doesn’t update results immediately, as it would have to reindex all of the results, and doing this takes time and is resource intensive. Instead, the search results are refreshed a couple of times a day. If you find that after a day your name still isn’t showing up in the list of tutors then be sure to let us know!

Thank you Alex Adminstrator,

Yes, that’s right from my profile they can see my availability, as the LingQer mentioned in her email to me, but…

How can we make it so that when someone clicks on my name (or avatar/icon) on LongQ, where ever my name/profile picture occurs on LingQ, they will be shown my availability? Or shown that according to my availability calendar I am available at the time that the person is clicking my name?


@itesonia - We don’t currently have a way to do this. Most people who are looking for tutors will go to the Find a Tutor page or the Speak page, so it would be best to make use of the functionality that already exists on the site. Of course, you are welcome to post here on the forum advertising your services and can also post on the Exchange about the same.

Hi Alex,
I see. I’m afraid I have not made myself clear. But I have understood your response. Thank you. Have a great afternoon.

Hi,Alex! Really, I am able to see itsonia’s time table only on your page, but I have’t seen itesonia on the list of tutors. What does it mean- I have to sing up only through your page? It is not is a very strange situation.

@Alenika - I’m not really sure what you mean. When you go to the Speak page and choose itesonia from the filters at right, you don’t see a list. Login - LingQ

Mark you are really the wizard of (maybe Lingq). Now I can see!!! -)))