My Approach to Language Learning Over The Years

Over the past eight years, I have changed methods. I had to find a way to make language learning effective for me.

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I have studied languages for over 10 years now voluntarily and have only achieved true fluency in 3 languages that I studied involuntarily Swedish, Finnish and English. Swedish is my mother tongue. Finnish was taught since the 3 or 4 grade or something like that. English was taught since 4 grade if Iā€™m not mistaken.

I am fluent in Swedish, Finnish and English and can read and understand Spanish, French and German fairly well as well as Italian. What separates my knowledge between my native language is that I have spoken a lot of Swedish, Finnish and English. Whereas I have not spoken the other languages nowhere near as much as these three languages.

Given the omnipresence of English it is the only language that I have achieved fluency without speaking a lot. I would say that speaking at some point is important in order to speak (know) fluently a language.


I would say that for Spanish, I started speaking a little bit for almost everyday since last month. Gradually, I have grown more confident and able to notice the grammar patterns in Spanish. I am glad that I am making progress. I will learn French. German and Italian during my 20s. That is definitely for sure.