My 5 Languages Practice Challenge: Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic


I’ve finished my first week of Challenge. So it all started because I want to practice the languages I don’t speak on a daily basis (that’s why I don’t do it in French, Spanish or English) and the languages I started to learn some day and then stopped because I couldn’t find time enough.

I said to myself : you can do it, you can find at least 15mn a day to practice each language once a week. But the thing is if I just do it for myself I know I wil give up. So I published the Challenge on my Instagram. Now I have to do it ! And this week has been great!

My goal is just to post a small video once a week for each language, 2-3 mn, talking about any topic that comes to my mind in Italian and Portuguese, because I already speak these languages and I just want to improve and practice. And for the others where I’m still a beginner at least read something out loud.

If you’re curious about it or if you want to support me, just check my instagram for Katy’s Languages : French Language Podcast (@katyslanguages) • Instagram photos and videos


Well done, Katy! I’ve seen your videos and your Portuguese is perfect! If you feel like having a conversation any time, I can help you with that :slight_smile:

Obrigada :slight_smile: Thanks a lot. I would love to have conversations in Portuguese. Are you giving tutoring on Lingq? I don’t know if I can find time enough but I could try.

Cool!! Yes, I’m tutoring on LingQ :slight_smile: It’s ok, I just wanted to say I’m here, if you need help with anything ^-^