My 2am thoughts on full 5.0

The courses/lessons screen is an absolutely massive improvement. Makes more new and better content front and center and makes more sense. Very clean.

The statistics looks cleaner too, a bit more simplistic and I like the gradient on the graphs.

I’m gonna miss my avatar, RIP

I’m failing to see why coins are the streak determinant now, because coins can’t get you anything anymore anyways without the avatar. It made sense to scrap it but it makes coins rather obsolete.


But I should address the elephant in the room, the actual lessons themselves. So much of it is a downgrade compared to the rest of the site it’s really a letdown. Even just a dark theme for the lingq 4.0 would’ve been better.
I know the lag is just temporary as some things are worked out on Lingq’s end, but other stuff that bothers me.
I miss the % through the course option, I used it to track progress in certain things but now I will have to count the lessons and keep track of how many I’ve done that way.
I also miss when it always had the lesson title on the top, it made the page busier but it made it so much better with multiple tabs open at once, especially when it’s auto sub titles it looks hideous (not entirely Lingq’s fault but used to look better)
When I click right, and a word is selected but nothing has been done to it, it used to make it a known word, but now it makes it a lingq, which means you have to click on every single word and click the check mark to finally finish it, instead of just recognizing all the words on the page as words and moving on. I do this especially since I don’t read youtube auto generated subtitles, I just watch the videos and use those as a bonus if a word pops up.

So all in all, I think every single thing was an improvement but if all the attention went elsewhere, it definitely missed on the lessons. I’d say the only thing better in the actual lessons now is that that thing that says Bonjour! or Hola! with the Lingq tutorial is gone now. But other than that, it really feels like a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The old lessons were great, almost perfect and the library and everything else needed work, and it seems like maybe Lingq swung a little too hard.

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I agree with many of your points, Bob20020.
I think that the dark mode thing was probably the one substantial improvement.
I, too, have to click on the check mark in order to create a LingQ, but I got used to it - if only that was the only problem!
Personally, I keep encountering issues all the time. Apart from the fact that with the new version my playlist has completely disappeared, I see no point in the new way of tracking how many times you’ve listened to a lesson: what’s wrong with round numbers? What’s the point of 10.1x, 12.6x, etc?. And the problem is that if for whatever reason you pause mid-track, then resume and finish, LingQ will count this as 2x. It matters a lot to me, because I keep track of how many times I’ve listened to a lesson, and it’s a big part of my learning routine… At least let us edit those stats ourselves!!!