Multiple choice flsh card sounds

I would be nice to include in the flash card practice setting, the option to listen to the cards prior to choosing the correct answer. It is annoying to have to click every time on the speaker icon to listen to its pronunciation. I am sure it would make the tool more useful.

Hi! I’m not sure I quite understand what you mean, so clarification would be helpful!

In the Multiple Choice test, you can press the “Tab” key on your keyboard to play the audio. The audio icon also appears on the screen that lists possible answers, and also the screen that shows the correct answer.

I mean that it would be very convenient to have the audio reading the word as we flip from card to card. It could be an additional option to be included. (Now we have only random cards or remove known card options). Currently, we have to press the tab 50 times if we wanted always to hear the audio -I indeed do. All this pressing is a drag that is not helpful.

Thanks for the clarification here!

I don’t know that we would add this as a default option. If you’re looking to hear the text-to-speech for these words, you can use keyboard shortcuts to move through the cards and press the “Tab” key on each card. Effectively you would just be switching between the right arrow key and the Tab key to move through the session and hear each word.

However, I can see how this might be of interest to some users, so I’ll pass this around internally and see if it’s something we might add in the future.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions as well!

Thanks. Hey,…I Aldo wants to say that after using Lingq for 2 weeks, I love it Ja dużo ubielbam go

That would be a fantastic option.