Multiple Bugs! (Playlists, Import, Syncing)

This has been going on for several weeks for me.

First, I could not get the “automatically completed lessons” to work. Now I cannot even add a lesson manually. I have tried adding a lesson to the playlist. And I have tried adding a complete course to playlist. Neither works. The playlist is now essentially not working,

Add this to the fact I know for many people the Import Lesson feature has not been working for some time now. (video or text).

And the fact that my account does not sync properly between devices (courses completed on one device are not marked completely when opened on her devices.)

I could understand these constant bugs if this was free app or new product. But LingQ is one of the most expensive language learning apps on the market and has been around for years. Why is it constantly plagued with bugs?

At what point does it become unethical for LingQ to charge us for a service with features that are not working?

I am sorry for the negativity. In general, I think this app has so many great thing (WHEN IT IS WORKING). And it seems like the people working there are generally honestly trying to deliver a good product to help with language learning. But at this point I am just so frustrated with the bugs and the slow customer service.


When you´re talking about playlist what do you mean?
For me if I want to listen to something I listen to it through the course. If you have created a course when you upload it, when you click on the course there is a “play” button (triangle play symbol). Click on it and you come through to all the lessons in that course. If it has generated audio/audio you simply click play and it works as a playlist.

There is a playlist built into the app (and website) where you can save the audio from lessons from any course into one large playlist for extensive listening. If you are using the iOS app it is accessed in the menu at the bottom. If you are on the website it is in the tabs in the upper left hand side.

In theory, this is valuable for extensive listening to multiple lessons and courses. This is something highly encouraged by the LingQ founder, Steve Kaufman.

Ok, but it is only one way of achieving the same effect. I listen to podcasts/books etc through the course function and click on the play button. You even see cool statistics and I think that is better, especially if you just stick something on repeat. For instance I have done this with the Japanese and Russian mini stories and got through them about 4-10 times each now. I would say that is extensive listening. Can do it when doing chores.

I’m glad you have found a way that works for you.

My intention here is not to convince anyone else not to use LingQ or argue over what is the best way to use it. I’m simply voicing my own concerns and frustrations over features that are not working properly and are negatively impacting the usefulness for me. I know there are plenty of others who would like to see these issues addressed as well.

But, as I said, if you are happy with it, then that is great. I wish you the best of luck in your language learning.