Multiculturalism and language learning

Here is a video of a TV interview I happened to do today in Vancouver. It will appear as a lesson in our library as soon as we have the transcript.

good interview , thanks for posting. I watched it all.

I liked it so much. The learner Attitude is the first, but of course an inspiring and motivate person(educator or teacher) like you adds more value.

Thanks for posting.

yo estoy aprendiendo español en un nivel casi avanzado, según lingq me faltan unos 500 puntos para lograr el nivel avanzado, y estoy empiezando en el inglés, así que tengo entendido una cosa

si tú oyes la lección y intenta a traducirla te hace mucho difícil la cosa
si tú sólo oyes la lección y no intenta traducirla, sólo va a digerindo como si fuera tu idioma materno, mismo que no entienda mucha o toda la cosa, pero no intenta traducirla, te hace mucho más facil la cosa, puedes no entiender todo pero sí el contexto en general… y eso me suena muy bien

Wow Steve! I hope this interview can help LingQ to become more popular among language learners.

Am watching this as I type. Enjoyable stuff! Thank you.

I’m waiting for the transcript ,it’ll be really interesting lesson :slight_smile:

Ha! That’ll show 'um! :smiley:

(The leftist citizens of BC, I mean…)

I enjoyed watching it.

A nice interview!

I am waiting for the transcript too! Can’t catch couple of words. it was interesting video as a language learner and as a Korean.

But I am trying to understand what “changing the language” means. He lost the station because they were changing the language…


i’m waiting too :slight_smile:


what time in the video does he say it? I’ll try to clarify

He failed to get out at the right stop, because Korean signs showing station names etc were being changed into signs with transliteration and he didn’t recognise the name of his usual stop. - that’s how I understood it.

It was presumably the switch from McCune-Reischauer to Revised Romanization of Korean. I don’t honestly know the difference between these two, as I never made any effort to learn the transliteration, but according to Wikipedia the switch from one to the other took place in mid-2000.

@maths - well, he says it almost end of the video :slight_smile:

Thanks SanneT and Alex. I understand better now.