Moving through known lingQ's

It would be nice to be able to move through known links in a lesson with a keyboard shortcut.

My method of using LingQ 2.0 is to work on a lesson until I have learned all the lingQ’s in that lesson using flash cards. My review is to then read and listen to the lesson which now has no blue or yellow words (only underlined). While reviewing the lesson, it would be helpful be able to quickly move through the underlined words (known lingQ’s)


Well you can always read the known LingQs individually by clicking that yellow box with the number of known LingQs in the right-side navigation window. Or you can go to your Vocabulary and select your newly known LingQs for flashcarding.

The yellow box only shows unknown lingQ’s. Once I have finished a lesson, there are only known lingQ’s present (underlined words) in the lesson so the yellow box has a zero in it.

Typically, I flash card all my unknown known lingQ’s until I know them all.

My intent then, is to fly through the known lingQ’s while I am reading to reinforce/review. After reading the lesson another 3 or 4 times it is no longer necessary.

My question involves having another key board shortcut like when moving though unknown words or unknown linqQ’s.

You’re right - I misunderstood the question. It may also be good to have another box which opens a window listing all the known words from that lesson.

I suggest you leave the words that you feel you have learned as status 3. That way you can easily move through them in the text. In any case, many of the words you feel you have learned, will be forgotten in a few days, in my experience. I would only move to known those words that you really don’t need to see again for quite a while.

Every so often you can review all of these status 4 (learned words) in the Vocab section.