Moving pop up boxes for lingq's

I was wondering. When i lingq a word, and want to enter a sentence, i try to look at the sentence i found the word in. Often, however, the popupbox for entering the hint appears over the sentence i found the word in, and after that i can’t move it. Would it be able to make it so, that this box can be dragged to another place, so you could read the sentence?

@meiske - You can’t move the box but the phrase in which you found the word should automatically be in the Phrase field. Is this not happening?

It does happen when the computer takes the word out of a short sentence. But if it’s a longer sentence it just cuts of at the komma or at a random point. Then it is not a complete sentence. I’m just beginning to learn Italian, so i can’t make it a complete and correct sentence on my own. So I have to look at the text.

Also, another problem i have is that the sentences of the first words that you lingq in a new lesson, contain the title and a lot of blank spaces.

Yes, the system does not grab the whole sentence. It is only grabbing the “phrase” or fragment of text in which that term appears. If you feel that you want the whole sentence, you will have to grab it another way. Some of our members like to have the Print view open in another tab which they can use to copy and paste from. Regarding the spaces around the title, there isn’t much we can do about that at the moment, unfortunately.

I think a whole sentence grab would be preferable. At present you get something like 4 words before and 4 words after your LingQed word, even if they are in the previous or following sentence.

The problem is that we have no control over the length of the sentence. It could be very long.