Moving onto the next language (advice please!)

Hey guys!

So, Japanese was my first foreign language. Thanks to LingQ, I’ve been in Japan for about 4 months now, with 8 left to go, and I can understand and speak the language!

I really want to do a similar thing with Italian (work on the language whilst saving money for a long trip, and then go to Italy), but I’m somewhat nervous about moving away from Japanese.

First of all, learning Japanese is just too much fun. It’s never gotten boring, and especially now that I am in Jaoan, there is a never ending supply of interesting content.

Secondly, I am worried about losing my Japsnese. The way I learnt Japanese was to devote myself fully to it. I’m sure I will remain in touch with Japanese by following the news, the Japanese YouTube shows I am invested in, but I have never done this before.

Are there any words of advice you can offer before I set off on my next language?

Thank you!!

If you have reached a good level of Japanese and if you keep in touch with the language on a regular basis, you won’t lose it. Don’t worry about it. Quite often you find that your language knowledge actually benefits from a more relaxed approach at this stage.

Just go learn Italian! You’ll love it

I had a similar dilemma…simple solution is to continue with both. Dedicate the majority of your study time to Italian (at least an hour daily) and about ~30 minutes to maintaining your Japanese. Once you move to Italy, your conversational level will skyrocket just get as much input as you can now.

Same. I’ve been learning Japanese for 3 years and each attempt to move the focus slightly to Polish or French or Portuguese have come to no avail.