Move to known word

Today I can not change the status “Move to known word” automaticly…
What happened? Maybe is there a problem with my web blowser?

I use new Internet Explorer.

Oh, j’ai enfin compris le système de LingQ. Une fois qu’on change le status “Move to known word”, le chiffre change mais on ne peut pas supprimer les mots dans la liste.
The status level changes when we want to change the status… we can not remove these word in the lste of words…

I understand this system.

Sorry for making mistakes
On pages of LingQ, we can not remove these wordS in the liste of words…

Hi Shigeharu,

We used to only show words in the list that were Status 1, 2 and 3. Therefore, moving a word to Known (Status 4) would remove it from the list unless you ticked to show Status 4 words as well. However, this caused some problems with the Search feature so yesterday we changed the default settings to show Status 1 - 4 words. This means that even if you move the words to Known, they will stay in the list. But, if you untick Status 4 in the Filter by Status list in the sidebar at right, any words you move to Status 4 will be removed from the list.

Thank you for the information.
I understood that.