Motivation at LingQ

In The Linguist you paid a monthly membership fee which entitled you to so many discussions and so many words of writing. You had to pay even if you did nothing. This was a sort of pressure on learners to write and join discussions.

In LingQ you can carry your points forward. You do not have to use them in a given month. You can even downgrade your membership if you accumulate a lot of points. As a result some people end up studying less.

Certainly at school, once you have paid for your classes, you do not get your money back if you do not attend class, in other words if you “skip class”.

At LingQ we believe in the importance of personal motivation. What can we do to motivate people in a system where members are free to “skip class” whenever they want?

I just finished my Russian discussion with Anna. I had been neglecting my Russian during my holidays and had not really gotten back into it. The discussions are really motivating. Now I am keen to get back into it.

I have to get going with my Portuguese too so I can start talking with Mairo.

And I will try to write a little in Russian and Portuguese on the weekend. After all I am a Premium member and want to use my points!

Certainly discussion class is one of my motivation keeps up. There is reasons why I don’t join discussion class recently. After branch LingQ, people hasn’t joined discussion more than before, and I joined the group discussion alone twice in a row. I was enjoy talking with a tutor, but my expectation of hearing other learners opinion didn’t happen and my motivation towards discussion class is getting low. And the fact that I’m not so interested in general topic of discussions anymore because, I already joined many discussions and I feel my English doesn’t improve if I keep up only speaking even though, I enjoy meeting with other members.
I think that it’s good for me to join discussion group, book club. This class is new to me and, the book is very interesting subject. The class is predictable, in terms of schedule and how many people will show up. I joined immediately and I’m sure I will buy extra points soon.

As much as I appreciate the unexpired points system, I find it a little unfair for the length of discussion to depend on the number of participants.
It is already our choice to create a 1 on 1 for 15minutes.
It is not really our choice to end up being one member in available group discussions.
I imagine most members prefer to talk for a longer time since it costs the same points.
I would like to suggest that you make a small change; it is 30 minutes for 1 or 2 members, 45 minutes for 3 members, and 1 hour for 4 members. I would be happier to sign up for discussions, knowing to be able to talk more than 15 minutes.

With regard to topics as Yuka pointed out, I also have joined a lot of general topics already because I have been using your system for over 2 years :wink:
I would like to request that you could increase discussions like “The book club” or “Read out loud” types of discussions that Julie does by other tutors as well. Just posting a link to an article from the Internet that tutors pick would be good, too.
It is easier to understand other learners when we have something to share, especially with people having different accents from mine :slight_smile:

Yuka and Yukiko,

Thank you very much for your constructive comments. We will discuss this tomorrow and come up with a solution. We would like to also hear from others on this subject, or any other issues you have with LingQ. We want to make the LingQ community as enjoyable and beneficial as possible for all users.

I agree to Yukiko’s point on the reason why members cannot join the discussion at the LingQ system. It must encourage us to join the discussion if we know we can talk at least 30 mins.

I totally agree with Yukiko. I remember a discussion with Katie where no one else signed up. The topic was about grammer and Katie had to really rush with the exercises because we had only 15 minutes. It was too rush rush for me and was not really fun.

We will be doing other things to help encourage Event participation. On the subject of the length of Discussions, how would you feel if there was a minimum number of participants for a Discussion. Meaning that if the mimimum is 2 participants, the Event would be canceled 24 hours before if there aren’t a minimum of 2 participants signed up. At least, this way you would not end up in a 1 on 1 for 15 minutes.

Hi Mark, I like your idea.