More trial videos for beginners

We hope that our new expanded Lessons page, aimed mostly at beginners, will start up next week. There will be many more resources for learners, translations, notes, pin yin etc. as well as videos.

I have been experimenting with how best to do these videos. I think it is especially important to help beginners, some of whom have trouble starting with LingQ.

Please let me know what you think.

These are three videos that would be accessible from the lesson page of the French Greetings and Goodbyes series.
Lesson # 1
Lesson # 2
Lesson # 3

The idea is to do these for all beginner lessons in all languages, eventually.

It will become possible to attach a video to all lessons. It will be up to the providers, or for those of us who are LingQ Administrators to upload the videos. We cannot do all the videos here at LingQ so we will be looking for help from those of you have good ideas about videos that can help learners or make the lessons more interesting.

I have just flicked through the videos. To me the videos for lessons 2 and 3 are the same! It could be that my player is playing up, though…

The videos are clear and seem ideal for a newcomer to language learning.

I suppose you can always ‘indoctrinate’ them into the pure approach later, once they are hooked…

I may have made a mistake with the links but you get the picture.

In reviewing these I am now more in favour of simply creating videos which show the lesson page, as I did before.

I favour this approach because of the following reasons.

  1. It is easier to do, so more people will be inclined to or able to create these videos for their contents.
  2. Using the LingQ lesson page view keeps the learner connected to his lesson, whereas the blackboard view breaks that connection and perhaps reminds the learner of traditional classroom learning, which may not be a positive connection.
  3. Using the lesson page view we can reinforce certain things about how to use LingQ.

What are your views?