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You know, I was thinking…

Five years ago, when I quit my job, I really wanted to study German. I looked into the language courses the Open University (a seriously respectable provider of distance-learning degrees) was offering. For about two grand (two thousand pounds) and three years of part-time study I could get a German diploma, ie about half a degree. I didn’t have two grand, or 20 hours a week, to spare, but I decided that if I could figure out a way to study German to that level some day I would. The other language I was interested in, Russian, the OU didn’t offer. So no chance of a German/Russian combined degree.

It occurred to me that I didn’t need a degree, I just wanted to get good at German. A penfriend, a dictionary, a bunch of books and, sooner or later, one would get there. Now it occurs to me that a LingQ account, several natives prepared to string some 12 week courses together, and as much time as you need and you will get there too. Not an accredited degree (although that’s a thought…) but, you know, fluency and vocabulary and stuff. Conversations about politics and social issues. And some sort of dissertation at the end, maybe?


Not only will you get there but you will probably get there more quickly and more enjoyably! :slight_smile: We will eventually have some kind of testing, diploma scenario on LingQ…It’s in the long range plan.