More French e-mails and fewer about Benny, please!

While it is fascinating (not) to read all the Benny stuff, I would much rather receive the e-mail notification of the threads in the French forum. I love reading MissTake’s explanations, but despite having ticked all the right boxes, nothing comes through. (for example, Je Ne Comprends Pas Cette Expression. - 10551 - Language ... and Qu'est Ce Qu'il Y A Signification Particulière? - Languag...)

hear hear!

@SanneT - Do you never receive posts from these threads or is it just these specific posts mentioned above for which you did not receive alerts? I certainly seem to be getting every alert from the Benny thread too…

Generally I receive most, if not all, from the French forums (fora, I know). Occasionally some get lost, like today. I didn’t get a single alert about these two threads.

There is no new posts from the French forums (or fora) for more than a day.

MissTake’s post is under “Posez des questions à votre tuteur (Ask Your Tutor)”

Would this explain the problem?

Partially, perhaps. Trying to be a good little tutor, I monitor the Tutor forum, too. The threads have a clear green tick, so they should have come through to me.

But your suggestion is brilliant, nevertheless. It is only the French tutor forum threads that evade me (they must know I am interested in them).

Paranoically yours,

Just out of curiosity: Is “forums” really wrong? As far as I understand it, both forms are correct, i.e. “forums” and “fora”. That’s also what Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language said. But, then again, usage of words changes, so I might be wrong.

No, forums is widely used and assumed correct. I usually use forums, it is only occasionally when I think people might think me stupid that I want to signal that I really do know the correct form… such a lack of self-confidence at my age!