More episodes of "Un italiano a Sofia" in the Italian library!

After some months, I have recorded three new episodes of “Un italiano a Sofia” in the version for beginners.
I think I will continue writing and uploading this kind of lessons, because they seem to be interesting for members and… I need more points! :slight_smile:
Here is the link to the whole collection:

Thank you very much! Nice to listen to. The speed is slow, but not too slow, thanks so much. (I hope you get some points for your lessons).

That’s more or less my normal speed. I never speak fast.

I have just shared two more episodes:

  1. Il centro commerciale e i poveri di Sofia


  1. Le mie “gite” al centro commerciale

I’d be glad to get some other feed-back.


So far I have liked each single episode I worked through and, no doubt, shall enjoy the new ones too, once I return to Italian! Thank you for continuing this collection.

Thanks, Susanne! But… WHEN will you return to Italian? :slight_smile:

I am a little old lady with lots to do, but I promise, I’ll have a go this week!

Two more lessons of “Un Italiano a Sofia - per principianti” are available:

  1. Il primo giorno all’Ambasciata: Login - LingQ


  1. Il mio tutor: Login - LingQ

The link to the whole collection:

I also want to write more lessons for the “normal” series, but I won’t be able to record them until the temperature goes down and I can survive without air-conditioning for a longer time (the air-conditioner is too noisy to keep it running while I’m recording my lessons!).

Your feed-back is welcome, as always.


Dear intermediate and advanced learners,

I’m finally back with a new lesson from the normal series of “Un italiano a Sofia”.

The new lesson can be found here:

and the whole collection here: