More content for beginners in different languages, an idea

We need more beginner content. This kind of content is often difficult to create. We can learn from each other., and even copy each other, in order to create similar content in different languages.

Here is an example. A number of content creators have created simple diary like contents in easy language. These are excellent. Emma has done so in Japanese, Ana in Portuguese, Lyn in English, just to name a few. A further example is Vera’s diary in German.

I took the German text and put it into Google documents. In the Tools section of Google documents there is a Translate function. I translated the text into English. I will give the results below. The point is that anyone can go to our beginner content in any language, easily translate it into their own language, fix it up and make it natural, and then record it as beginner content for their own language.

Remember that beginner content is by far the most popular. Beginner content is going to earn you more points than any other content.

Hier findest du leichte Texte.

Mit einfachen Worten beschreibe ich meinen Tag.

Ich versuche alltägliche Worte zu verwenden.

Ich benutze Worte, die man häufig braucht.

Ich mache einfache Sätze.

Die Texte sind langsam und deutlich gesprochen.

In den ersten Folgen beschreibe ich, wie ein normaler Tag aussieht.

In den späteren Folgen beschreibe ich Dinge, die ich erlebt habe.

Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß beim Zuhören.

Und wenn du etwas nicht verstehst, frage im Forum nach!

Ich und die anderen deutschen Mitglieder helfen dir gerne.

Viel Spaß mit meinem Tagebuch.

Here you will find simple texts.

In simple terms, I describe my day.

I try to use everyday words.

I use words that you frequently.

I make simple sentences.

The texts are spoken slowly and clearly.

In the first few episodes, I describe how a normal day looks like.

In the later episodes I describe things I have ever experienced.

I hope you enjoy listening.

And if you do not understand something, ask for the forum!

I and the other German members happy to help you.

Have fun with my diary.