More about targets

I’ve found plenty of threads on the forum discussing the targets, and understand that suitable targets depend heavily on the individual, their level, and the amount of study time they have available. But just to add my two cent’s worth, the ‘words of reading’ target is just sooo far off being suitable for anyone of any level, I really hope this can be ammended soon.

I know we’d all have our own opinion about whether this number should be x5, x10(me personally!), x20, but I’m sure a minimum of double the current number would be within anyone’s capability. I’m currently on Intermediate1 with 300 words a day. That’s only about 2.5 times the size of this short post, maybe 5 minutes reading time (including dictionary lookups)
Hope you don’t mind me saying! It’s a great system, just hoping for a few minor tweaks :slight_smile:


@Steve555 - Thanks for the suggestion! In the future we do hope to allow users to customize their targets, but in the meantime as you keep adding Known Words and increasing your level further, these targets will increase. Don’t let the targets hold you back, though! :slight_smile:

OK, thanks, good to know you’re considering it for later.