Monthly reports for plus members

Hi everyone!
I’m quite new as a tutor (just 1 month) and right now I have just 4 students. One of them is a plus member. It is said that the tutor should send plus and premium students a monthly report about their progress. How does it work? I don’t see any option for that in my tutor page. Is there any layout or how do we have to do it?

Hi Albert, Look at this thread: Example Of Conversation Report Please! - Language Forum @...
There is the problem discussed.
At the moment the system doesn’t work properly. Therefore I send the reports by email.
I hope this helps.

Hi Albert,

We will be phasing out the monthly reports. In the meantime, you should get an alert on your Tutor home page when it’s time to send this report. If more than a month has gone by and you haven’t seen the report alert, you will have to send a manual report by email. Sorry about that. This issue should be resolved within the next week.

Mark, I got no alert since april or may. I watch my students site.

Thank you Vera and Mark. I’ll wait for the alert! Fingers crossed!! :wink: or send the report manually.