Modifying lingq definitions

Hi, I’ve been using lingq for years now, so I feel a little foolish asking this- but if I change a lingq definition, does this change the same definition for everybody else?
I ask because I’ve started studying mandarin, and I prefer lingq definitions that don’t contain the pinyin- it ruins the review function (if its in the lingq definition then its already in the answer). I’ve been deleting the pinyin section of some of my mandarin lingqs.
Is this interfering with other users that like to have the pinyin in their lingqs?

Not to worry. When you edit a translation it just creates a new one for you. Others are not affected.

  • Worth also noting that you can edit all translations by clicking that small Edit button (web) and move translations to other languages or remove incorrect translations that you see. Just thought this an opportunity to mention this functionality which helps all members!

Thanks Mark

I’m one of those who loves pinyin hints, since not all words display the pinyin automatically on my vocab pages :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: