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I am trying to make changes to translations on Android, but after typing in the change it doesn’t save and reverts to the previous translation. In the screenshot, I wanted to add the word seldom but can’t.

I’ve noticed this same issue, and mentioned it in as written in italics below:

Edit: Actually, have just noticed one two new things since the app update. First, it used to be that I could click on my current definition, make a quick edit, then just close the word pop-up and my edit would save. It no longer does that. Instead, I now only seem to be able to edit it by completely deleting the Lingq/ forgetting the word, then marking it as level 1 (for example) and then typing in my full (and correct) definition, then pressing the “Done” button on my keyboard before closing the pop-up. (I don’t have that same “Done” key when trying to edit an existing definition- not sure why it’s calling up two different versions of my keyboard in those two contexts?) This is the same whether my original definition is one I typed in with a typo, or one I’ve taken from the list of other user definitions and am now try to edit to improve it for my use.

I have found a work-around as of last night, however: If I update my definition in the “Saved Meanings” text field, then click into the “Notes” text field, so far that seems to be enough to preserve my updates. A little annoying to add in that extra, not-intuitive step especially when I didn’t need to prior to the update, but much better than my previous workaround of deleting the Lingq and starting from scratch!

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The issue has been reported to our developers and we will have that fixed. Thanks for reporting the problem.

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