Mobile lingq not updating

As you can see via the website my inputs update but nit via the app.

What exact number isn’t updating correctly?

You can’t see?

Only fixes when reinstall the app.

It is a bit annoying to pay over $150 for an app and for it to not work.

What was the exact issue that was occuring? The images you shared seem odd but I’m not sure if that is some of collage you made yourself. If you can be specific I can try to look into the issue you are having.

How can you not tell what the issues is, it is as clear as day.

I am clearing showing what the problem is.

narsplace- Sorry for the frustration. It sucks when things don’t work as expected and we would like to solve the issue. However, it’s not clear what the issue is.

Here is what I see:

  • The first 3 images show screenshots of a course overview page on the mobile browser. They don’t show your progress made in each lesson.
  • The 4th image shows a screenshot of the same course overview page in the mobile app. It does show progress made in each lesson.

If I’ve explained it correctly, this is unfortunately just a drawback of the mobile web browser. We encourage users to use the mobile app, not the mobile web browser - for reasons such as this.

If it is something else, please try to explain it more clearly.

I am showing u that the app is not working. that is shown clearly on the screen shots.

on the web it updates my inputs to 314 but on the app it only goes far as 301 so I was missing lessons 302 to 314 on the app and only came back on after uninstalling and re installing the app.

I am having the same happen earlier.

Okay I understand now. The app only shows up to lesson 301. Are these lessons that you imported? Or did you find them in the app? Is the problem still occurring, or has it been solved after you reinstalled?