Mixed translations of the filters

On my profile I find:
" Pokalbiai / Pamokos / Žinutės / Etapai / Forumai / Sienos žinučių pranešimai / All Requests " instead of the German translation. It was correct this morning.

More strange is it on the Exchange page:
" Gespräche / Lektionen / Nachrichten / Meilensteine / Foren Beiträge / Benachrichtigung Rosen / All Requests / Open Requests".
Then I opened a second tab with the Exchange page and it became:
" Gespräche / Leçons / Nachrichten / Evénements décisifs / Posts du Forum / Notifications de Roses / All Requests / Open Requests"
A refresh of the page changed the result again:
" 会话 / 课程 / 新消息 / 已知的词汇量 / 论坛主页 / 查看内容详述: / All Requests / Open Requests"

I think this is a new feature LingQ offers to encourage us to learn more languages :wink:

I also noticed this by accidentally keep pressing the lingQ icon at upper-left corner, which equals to keeping refreshing the same page. I noticed the languages below Filters also changed every time when I refreshed the page.

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I noticed this too. Mine was in Korean, then I refreshed then it was in Japanese. It actually made me laugh as soon as I saw it.

How lovely! The system has decided to tempt me with Portuguese on the filters of my profile page, it toggles (F5) with English.

Yippee, I can read Portuguese, though am not sure which variety! Am I getting fluent in Brazilian or European???

Yes we are experimenting with subliminal persuasion to move people towards a more multilingual life style. Stay tuned.

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@SanneT: It was time! Welcome to a beautiful language! :))

I think it’s a clever idea, Steve! I suppose you’re kidding, but why not?

@all - This should now be working properly. Please let us know if you encounter any other strange issues!