Mistakes in documents

I’ve noticed that in the French section (perhaps others, I only use lingq for French at the moment) there are mistakes in some of the documents. I find this frustrating because it makes me hesitate to want to use the site to learn other languages. Am I the only one that has experienced this?

What kind of “mistakes” are you talking about? Typos or bad punctuation or…?

Content on LingQ is created by many different people. There are undoubtedly lots of little typos and mistakes. When you have a library that large there are bound to be issues like this. Members of our community volunteer to become editors to fix issues like this that come up. If you would like to become an editor please let us know. The thing is not to get too worried about small typos. Over time with enough exposure you are able to figure out when you see a mistake.

Grammatical mistakes. To give an example, this morning I was working on a lesson titled «Carnet de voyage - 01». There is a sentence near the bottom that reads «j’ai commencé à m’installé» when it should be «j’ai commencé à m’installer». It is a simple mistake that native French speakers make all the time, but is nevertheless incorrect. I find little mistakes like this often.

You can also mention this on the wall of the person who provided the content. Most providers are happy to fix typos like this.

@huntsman: I read some lessons of the “Carnet de voyage” collection years and I noticed the mistakes you are talking about, but I understood they were not corrected on purpose, to show learners what spontaneous writing in French looks like.
After all, the level of the collection is Intermediate, not Beginner, so this is not a major problem in my view. Intermediate learners know (or should know) that the correct spelling is “à m’installER”.