Missing word highlights

I recently got myself a color e-ink android tablet for reading with lingq. The android version is 10.0. In the lingq app, I noticed that I only get a fraction of the words highlighted. Both, supposedly yellow and blue words, have no backround color. They are not marked known, they should appear yellow or blue respectively but aren’t… To be sure that it has nothing to do with the e-ink display I opened the same lesson with the android browser (on the web version) and there I see all highlights properly. Could you help me? Is this something you could for android 10 please? My lingq version is 5.3.4.
Thank you!

Unfortunately, LingQ app can appear as buggy on tablets since at the moment we don’t have a tablet mode support. Good news are we are working on it and we should have tablet mode support very soon.

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I see! Cool thank you, can’t wait! :slight_smile: