Missing things in the collection view

If I open the collection view (for example: Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now! - LingQ Language Library) I miss some interesting information:

  • rating of the lessons
  • number of unknown words
  • percentage of unknown words

And I find still that a long list to scroll the lessons is better than to move by pages through the lessons.

The option to put a lesson into the “my lesson” list without opening it would be nice too.

We hope to make some improvements to the collection page, including adding the number/percentage of unknown words.

The main issue with a long list of lessons is that it simply takes too long for the page to load in collections with 100 or more lessons. This long list is still available when clicking on the lesson image when in the Library (example: http://bit.ly/p1IWj2). As with everything it is a balance between functionality and performance.

The simple solution to adding a lesson to your list is just to control+click it so it opens in a new tab. Then just close the tab at your convenience.