Missing the Friends part on LingQ

I understand that the Exchange needed to be streamlined and it is looking good now.

I do, however, miss the general news thread which allowed us to see what our friends are up to. Clicking the walls is not something I’m likely to do on a regular basis and so will miss out on comments, activities and whatnots.

I have quite a few friends here and am genuinely interested to read their respective contributions. The community aspect seems to be lost.

Any remedy in sight?

I agree.
I understand that you wanted to clear the Exchange but why don’t you offer a separate page with the friends activities?

I agree, too.

Well, I agree. I also think it would be great if Lingq had a system that suggested you conversation partners who are online, according to the language you are learning. I won´t say the website that does it, but for me this is the most important part of that site. For this to work though, Lingq would have to develop a chat system (which would certainly be great). That being said, as far as input and reading are concerned, Lingq outperforms any language learning site.

@brunot6: On the speaking page Login - LingQ you find a link that leads you to the tutors who are online: http://www.lingq.com/friends/search/?query=&filter_by_language=on&tutor_language=en&native_language=&friends_of=&learning=en&country=all&is_online=on

@VeraI: yes, you can see the tutors who are online. But in some languages, such as Chinese, there is rarely someone avaiable (at least when I am online). So, here is my suggestion: to create a page (or a box in the main page of “exchange”) that shows you not only tutors, but also other people online who are learning the same language as you or who are native in the language that you are learning. Then, you request them to join a conversation in a msn-like or facebook-like chat system within lingq (maybe this is too difficult to create; don´t know). That, in my opinion, would bolster the “friends part” on Lingq. just a suggestion :slight_smile:

@Vera, Mikebond, SannetWe are looking at ways of making the friends activity messages available again. Is there interest in seeing all of the information that was shown previously - Messages, Milestones, Forum Threads, Roses? Or, is it only a few of those things you are interested in seeing?

Regarding chat, it is something we have looked at many times in the past but it is not an insignificant thing to add, make good and maintain and we have always shied away from it. We feel there are many ways of contacting other members now on LingQ through the wall, conversation requests, forum and many other chat systems available out there that do chat well. Therefore, this is not something we are likely to do anytime soon. It is a “would be nice” feature that we may get to some day.

I miss messages and milestones a bit, but generally speaking I miss the community feeling Sanne was talking about.

It would be good to have a LingQ chat someday. In the meantime, it would be good if we could easily see all online members, as brunort6 suggested.

I miss messages and roses the most. Forum threads are not needed in my opinion because I follow the forum.

For me the order of preference would be: messages and forum threads (because I do not follow all of them). Milestones are interesting at the beginning and when they go into the jaw-dropping range. Roses are nice to get, but not absolutely necessary.

I still miss seeing which lessons people are studying, but I guess that won’t be coming back.

@Jingle - We won’t be bringing that back but we will be trying to get more people to give roses to lessons which should then cause them to show on the Exchange page.

@Mark: I miss too seeing which lessons people are studying, and I loved the compact format that it had earlier. I understand why you’ve changed it that it looks like posts on Facebook and Google+, but the compact format was very nice too. What I still miss is the option to see further comments of members about a lesson that comes along with the roses.

Right, Vera. I also liked the compact form better (except that sometimes there was a long list of useless messages saying “X is studying a private lesson”.

Me too, for the compact version.

@mark - I would definitely say roses. What’s the point of giving a lesson a rose if nobody ever will see that rose? But to be honest, I would like all of that information (messages, milestones, etc) brought back although it would be nice to filter it a bit better. I don’t know about everyone else but I am more interested in seeing things like milestones if they are from users studying the same language(s) as me or if they are a friend. What was displayed previously always seemed to be a bit random to me.