Missing part of the text?

I am studying Italian. I decided to add some books to my LingQ courses because I enjoy reading and I figured reading/ LingQing unknown words and listening would be a great way to add some variety- that being said…

From the “library” on LingQ I chose the Italian version of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. There are 4 lessons, and I have completed all four (0 words are blue in any of the lessons), and yet the course page for the book is showing that I have over 3,000 new words that I have not acknowledged. I have double checked and all 4 lessons say 0 for the blue (unknown) words. As my Italian is still quite bad (It’s improving but I have a long way to go), I am not certain if there is a missing set of lessons (chapters missing) or what the problem is.

This is frustrating because I like to add new content once I have completed a course, but I don’t feel like I have completed the course because it says I still have over 3,000 new words in it, but I can’t find them…

Thank you!

Thanks for reporting this. Can you please post a link to that course here?

Login - LingQ I hope that works…I am not the most tech savvy person in the world

Thanks, we will look into it.