Missing parameter on the new Import page

I miss an important parameter on the new import page.

It is the parameter that decides if a lesson is shown outside of LingQ or not. That parameter influences the RSS feed too. I don’t want to have my lessons shared on iTunes, and I don’t have permission from some providers to do so!

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I became aware of this problem because I had to upload the audio to some lessons, because the Audio URL of the podcast had changed. And now they are visible, and I haven’t got the permission to share this podcast outside LingQ.

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@Vera - We removed that because it is not used and is not understood by most users. Initially, we had this tick box to allow providers to opt out of having their lessons shown on thelinguist.com. Since lessons are no longer shown on that site, the tick box serves no purpose any more. I had forgotten that it controls the RSS feed. At any rate, if you want some lessons to have this option selected, let us know by emailing support and we can do that for you.

You’re right that the question was confusing for new members. Although it would be nice to have the control of the RSS feed back. Maybe it can be put on a place that is not so obvious and confusing for new members. Maybe a tab with “more options” or something like this?

I don’t want to have my lessons shared at all. As I wrote above it is especially a problem for the courses from original podcasts.

I’ve recognized this problem for the following podcast courses:

Die Gefühlskonserve:


Charles Dickens


There are some lessons in other courses as well shared. I guess it happens if someone fixes an error in a lesson or in new lessons.

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Ok, we will get that bug fixed so that it is not unticked when a lesson is edited. Then, we can get those ticked again.

Thank you, Mark!

And you’ll make the tick box for new lessons available too?

You’re welcome, Vera. We do not plan to put the tick box back. There is no good place for it. Just let us know when you have lessons you want to tick.

That is a pitty. I feel bad to make extra work for you.

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Actually, you are an editor aren’t you? I will see if I can get this tick box to appear for editors only.

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That sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Editors should understand that tick box.

The RSS feeds of the courses I’ve mentioned above are still available.

Still the same …

Yes, Vera, we know. When we have made the fix, we will let you know.

I hope that you fix this soon because I want to upload lessons, but I don’t want to share them outside of LingQ. Any timeline?

What are you saying Vera? Are. all of our lessons shared on iTunes???

The RSS file is accessible outside from LingQ (without a log in).

@VeraI - That change is now up on the site. You should be able to see the tickbox. Thanks for your patience.

@berta - Lessons are not shared on iTunes. If you choose, you can post your RSS feed on iTunes to add it as a podcast.

Thank you very much for bringing it back, Mark. It works. I was able to change the parameter in the lessons.

Thank you Mark