Missing members?

You may have noticed that I like the forum. I also enjoy reading everybody’s contributions, although I have a handful or so of favourites.

I now fear I have lost one of them for good. What does it mean when there are square brackets around a person’s LingQ-ID, have they become ex-members?
I hope not. Dear Maitee, RQ, wherever you are, do write again!

The square brackets do indeed mean that that member has canceled their account. I am not sure why Maitee/RQ felt the need to cancel as they seemed to be happily and actively participating. If they were simply wanting to be inactive for a while, they could have simply downgraded…

I think the goal of lingq is to learn languages - when you are happy with your level - you can flight away. You will learn more in your new languages by listening reading writing and speaking it - but you will not need lingq system any more.

As for friendship I think if you have a friendship with somebody on lingq I think you have exchange your email address and maybe more with this person - to have more communication chanels.

I think last time when Maitee/RQ did this she did this to get rid of her LingQs. She signed up with a new account because she tought it was easier. Happily, she’ll come back again :slight_smile:

When I was reading RQ’s comments on the forums, I noticed some similarities of style between RQ and Maitee.

I miss her very much. Where is our Sazae-san?

What is your new name?

I think I probably know it…
Sorry, if I am wrong. I love her writing style, too.

Do you think that she is active now on the forums?



If she should be active on the forums, I would use my special software to detect the similarities and differences of style.

Who needs Google, when we have you?

The special software is based on a statistical technique called “correspondence analysis.”

I was rude to her once but I for some reason considered her to be a male person. I miss her very much (sobbing)!

Clues to the writer’s sex and age

victor2, that was not the first time, you did it to me and I also thought of quitting. (sobbing)

I think I said something edgy about her grandma once.

I apologize, I’ll try to behave. Or to become a real gentleman and all people will love me and miss me when I leave.

Steve, I noticed when you really upset you never fail to attach that silly digit at my tail.

I really feel that this language-learning community is great because each member has his or her own unique personality , experience, and style.