Missing Lessons on the New lesson shelve

I miss two of my new lessons on the new lesson shelve in the German library.

Strangely enough older and newer lessons are shown. The lessons belongs to other collections than the lessons that were shown. The problem exists with another account as well.

I miss
Veras Tagebuch, VT #537, Eifel, 8. Tag, Lavakeller

Vera’s Diary for beginners, VD #537, Eifel, 8. Tag, Lavakeller

They are shown in the advanced search. I’ve published them on Jan 8, 2012.

Again I miss lessons on the new lesson shelve. Any explanation?

Geoaudio, Spreewald

Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Auf Reisen - Traveling, 50.14 Vergeblich nach dem Weg fragen II

No idea?

We have this one on our list, thanks Vera.