Missing functions on the lesson page

I miss the options to set how often I’ve listened and read a lesson. The symbols are no longer where they was last time. I’ve tested IE7 and FF.

Me too, in FF.

Yes, we are trying to speed up the home page and Lessons page so we removed that task widget from these pages for now to see the effect on the live server. It seems to be quite a bit faster for me. For now, you can only access these controls on the lesson page itself. We will bring it back when we figure out what makes it so slow.

For me it seems to make no difference. Loading is lesson is still slow. I asked myself if the number of LingQs that I’ve created makes loading a lesson slow.

We removed that widget from the Home page and the Lessons page. Those pages should now be faster. The lesson page itself still has the task widget and is still slow. But, that is a separate issue. We will look into that too.

I should say that the lesson page can be slow if you have a long text and many saved LingQs.

This is quite subjective, but it seems faster to me, and I have a lot of LingQs especially in Russian. Of course whether we wait 40 seconds or 20 seconds it still seem slow, but if we gradually fix up all the calculations which slow the site down we could really get somewhere. Short of measuring before and after it is hard to say for sure, and it also varies from time to time.

It would be interesting to hear from others. We may have to train some new habits in order to speed up the site.

I don’t know about others, but the task widget is not appearing on the actual lesson page for me. The only place I see it is on the ‘My lessons’ page.

I also really liked having the widget on my home page. I do a majority of my reading and listening offline, so it was great to be able to update my ‘how many times listened/read’ on my home page across the recent lessons, without having to click onto another page.

You’re right, Edwin. That is my mistake. It is removed from the lesson page and is on the Lessons page. We will get it put back on the Lesson page. We hope to have this issue resolved soon and the ability to update your lessons back on the Home and Lesson page.

Hi Everyone,

The task widget has been returned to the Home page and lesson page. We have removed all references to New Word numbers and LingQ numbers which were the part of that widget causing slowness. You should have no problem updating your listening and reading.

Thank you Mark! I know, you’re working hard to improve LingQ.