Missing email notification for forum posts

It looks like the email notifications on the forums don’t work any longer. I haven’t got any since 9 days.

True. Same here. Although I don’t follow many threads, but one of the topics I do follow is http://www.lingq.com/forum/4/34254/ for which I have not been receiving notifications.

We’ve updated the forum notifications, and they’re now being sent through our email provider MadMimi instead of directly from our site.

The downside with this is that if an email bounces, our email provider automatically unsubscribes a user in order to ensure unwanted emails aren’t being sent. There isn’t a way to reverse this from the user’s side, so we have to go in and do this manually.

Vera, in your case it looks like an email bounced quite a while ago, so I’ve now resubscribed you in the back end and you can control your email settings from the Settings page.

SanneT, in your case it looks like you’d marked an email as spam (whether accidentally or not :P) so you were also unsubscribed in the back end. I’ve now resubscribed you as well, so head to the Settings page (https://www.lingq.com/accounts/settings/) to control your email settings.

If this is happening for anyone else let me know!

I certainly don’t remember marking anything as spam, but if madmimi says so, who would doubt ‘her’? Thank you for solving the mystery!

Certainly it must have been an accidental click :slight_smile: Let me know if you’re still having trouble receiving these notifications!