Missing e-mail notification for a conversation request

Someone sent me a conversation request. I got no e-mail. I only saw it by accident on the “lesson” page. I seldom go to this page. The forum page is my start page on LingQ and then I go directly to the “my lessons” shelve or the library.

Some weeks ago I’ve experienced problems with the conversation request. A student asked me for a conversation and I said no but I offered another time. Now the student got no notification. Then I accepted the new time and the conversation was created even if the student hasn’t accepted the new time. I hope I was able to express the problem well. Descriptions in English are difficult.

@ VeraI - For some reason in our mail system you are only set to receive LingQs of the Day emails. You are currently unsubscribed from Conversation Request emails along with the Newsletter, promotions, and weekly report emails. We have been doing some work in this area recently so I am wondering whether you did unsubscribe from some or all of these lists or whether something we did has caused this problem. Have you edited your email settings either on the Settings page, Account page or by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails? Please let us know.

As for the conversation request process, we have made a few changes lately which we hope have fixed some issues. Please let us know in the future if you come across similar problems again.

No, I haven’t unsubscribed and I want to have all the e-mails from LingQ!

Sorry about that. I have added you back to all those lists now.

Thank you.