Missing dictionary

More than two weeks ago I reported the following problem:
I’ve a big problem. A have added dict.cc and leo.org as dictionaries for English-German in my English slot. First, I tried Leo and it worked fine (beside the scrolling). Then I tried dict.cc, one of my favorite dictionaries. When I now open the dictionary on a LingQ the lesson disappears and instead leo.org is opened. It is not shown in the widget, it is shown as a site and my lesson is no longer opened! I hope you can understand my problem. At the moment I’m not able to work on my English lessons!

Alex wrote back: Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the inconvenience. It seems that dict.cc isn’t compatible for some reason, so we’ll see what can be done to work around this issue. For now I’ve reset your dictionary, so don’t choose dict.cc yet until you hear further from us about this.

This is my favorite dictionary and I miss it. It is one of the best ones. Is there a timeline for resolving this problem?

Hi Vera,

A couple of weeks ago Mark posted the following on that thread:
“Just to let you know that we have increased the height of the dictionary pane and fixed the scrolling issue. This issue with dict.cc has also been resolved.”

I just tried both of these dictionaries and they seem to be working properly. Are you still having problems with them?

Hi Alex,

I’ve missed Mark’s post. Thank you for looking it up. I didn’t dare to try it, but I’ll do it now and let you know in some minutes.

Now I get an empty field.

I’ve refreshed the side several times.

What do you mean by empty field? Screenshots always help :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried adding dict.cc as a dictionary and yes: it shows the frame for a second and then redirects the page to the dict.cc site itself.

@VeraI In the Settings of your browser you could restrict sites from initiating a refreshing of pages as a temporal solution.

Alex: Here is a screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/mI5GPgGH67

@Eugrus: Thank you for your help. I’ve another problem as you can see on the screenshot.

Thanks, Vera. I see what you mean now. Dict.cc appears to be acting strangely here. I’ll do a bit more testing and we’ll try to get this one fixed again. Leo.org should be working properly, though.

Alex, I use Leo.org too, but sometimes dict.cc offers better definitions and better examples. These two are my favorite dictionaries and I won’t miss one of them - I hope this is correct and understandable English :slight_smile: