Missing dictionary?

I’m almost sure the dicios.com dictionaries were embedded into the LingQ-creating template until not long ago. Now, the Spanish-Italian version is no longer available when I create LingQs in Spanish. Would it be possible to add this dictionary again? The site is: Dizionario e Traduttore Spagnolo Italiano (traduzione online gratis).

I fear no one has seen this question… :slight_smile:

I have added that for you now Michele. I’m pretty sure it was never there before.

Thanks, Mark.

Could you also add this French-Chinese dictionary?

All of the Babylon dictionaries have already been integrated into LingQ. Simply select “Babylon Translator” as your dictionary to access it.

Ah, OK. It didn’t work for the first few minutes with half a dozen words. But I can now see results.

Well, 99% of the time it doesn’t work: it gives the original form of the French word instead. So I changed the dictionary setting back to French-English.

I see that it doesn’t work very well. We’ll take a look and see if something has changed.