Missing "award" button

I don’t seem to be able to award points to the first response to my request:

The award button is present for the second request but not the first. Please could someone take a look please.

Looks like you had 225 points added for this request and you awarded all 225 points to Evgueny. That is the reason why you can’t award more points to other user.
What you can do is to open SkriMar profile page: Login - LingQ and you can award him points if you click on the “Gift Points” button under his avatar.
Hope this helps!

No, I made 450 points available, half of which I’ve assigned to Evgueny and half of which remain unallocated. There was no award button available for Skrimar even before I allocated the first lot of points. There is definitely a bug here.

OK, thanks for letting me know. I reported that to our developers and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from them.

Thank you

Any update?

Not for now. I’ll let you know when I have more informations from our developers. Thanks for your patience.

This should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience.

Yes, I’ve been able to assign the points now. Thank you :slight_smile: