Misleading Coupon Code

Hi LingQ team,

I recently signed up for a 1-year premium membership on LingQ and used the coupon code b_12pblpg35 for the “Save 35% - get 4 months free” offer.

However, upon entering the code during the checkout process, I received a discount of only 5% in addition to the initial 31% lower monthly rate. This outcome was unexpected as the coupon description suggested a 35% discount and/or the benefit of 4 months free.

I wanted to inquire if it would be possible to honor the offer as described in the coupon code by providing the promised 4 free months or applying the appropriate 35% discount to my subscription.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to resolving this issue.

Ref: LingQ Coupon - Get 4 months Free!

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Please note that the annual membership price is already discounted 30% by default and costs $107.88. That is a 30% discount compared to the monthly plan which costs $12.99 per month.
With this special offer and an additional 5%, the discount price will drop further to $102.49, which is a total of a 35% discount and that is 4 months less to pay on average compared to a monthly plan.
Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Hey Zoran,

I’m a bit confused by the pricing structure. It seems counterintuitive to opt for a year-long membership when it costs the same as the monthly subscription.

The yearly membership is promoted as $8.99 per month, which, as you mentioned, is 30% cheaper than the monthly plan. However, this seems more like the standard price for the annual subscription rather than a discounted rate.

The discount explicitly states a 35% deduction from the yearly membership cost. In my understanding, a 35% discount off would be in regards to $8.99 per month (equating to receiving 4 months free). That’s the impression conveyed by the discount offer.

I’d appreciate some clarification on this matter. It seems the discount doesn’t align with the actual pricing structure, and I’m trying to understand the discrepancy.

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As I have mentioned in my previous reply, the additional discount is applied to an already discounted yearly plan.

Hey Zoran,

I’m genuinely disappointed by this experience. The wording of the discount and the handling of the situation have left me unsatisfied. While I understand perspectives may differ, I genuinely feel that a significant number of individuals might misinterpret the terms of the discount. I’m not sure can I trust that your company is looking out for its users.

Given this, I would like to request a refund. The entire ordeal has proven to be exceedingly frustrating and disheartening, and I hope other people do not have the same experience as myself.

Best regards,

Sorry to hear you feel that way. I refunded your payment.