Misc bugs/annoyances

  1. downloaded audio doesn’t have a title
  2. the pop-up window covers some of the text, and takes some effort to minimize
  3. the “transfer all words as know” button no longer displays a running total/success message after selecting it
  1. the 2 column format; 2 columns of lessons in “my lessons” and the library, is too wide for my browser, which makes me use my horizontal scroll bar
  1. really like the new search parameters in the library. would you consider adding unknown words as another option, or make it a “sort by” option?
  1. percentage of unknown words isn’t shown when I choose a lesson from the list in the library

question - what does the word “taken” mean in the library list. Also, how about removing the “post and submit for correction” text below the reply box for these forums? I wonder how many people hit it by accident.

Thanks for your feedback. We’re working on fixes for some of the major issues first, then we will look at fine-tuning the functionality based on user feedback.

@Wulfgar - Thanks for the feedback! See my responses below:

  1. Not sure what you mean. All audio files have titles and seem to download fine for me. Can you be more specific if you still have a problem?
  2. Yes, that’s true but so did the old LingQ popup. We can look into how to make it close more easily with a keyboard shortcut.
  3. Yes, but we instead graphically show the New Words moving to Known Words in the “i” info pane in the dashboard
  4. This shouldn’t be the case as this page is the same width as the other pages on the site. However, we are looking at adding a 1-column view in the future which should fix the issue for you.
  5. Yes, we will try to add sorts by New Words and New Words Percentage in future
  6. We will see if this information can be added when we add a sort by New Words Percentage.

“taken” means you have taken the lesson already as opposed to a new lesson which you have not taken. You may not have studied it but it is in My Lessons.

@mark - thanks for your response
(fyi - I’m using Mac OSX & safari)

  1. Audio files download fine, but are named merely “download” on my computer. Can you tell me the preferred steps to download, in case that makes a difference?
  2. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Not the pop-up window in the mouse-over dictionary, but the huge window that pops up to the right when I click a word. If I make that mistake, I have to scroll over there and minimize the thing, since LingQ is too wide now. If I don’t minimize it, it covers a large portion of the text and interrupts my reading.
  3. Ok, but it looks like the dashboard numbers don’t change immediately after hitting the transfer button. I have to open a new lesson for the dashboard to get updated.
  4. unfortunately, this is a problem for me. I admit if I maximize the window, it will probably work. But that will make LingQ the “biggest” window of anything I use. I’ve never been forced to maximize a widow to properly view it. This isn’t how I use my desktop. Maybe you think we use full screen windows and toggle by selecting icons or something. But I have a huge screen, and toggle by selecting less-than-fullsize windows. If everyone is doing things your way nowadays, please let me know, and suggest something I can google to help me become current. But if my way is still common, then I request you do something to make the window closer to the size of the other sites.
  5. thanks
  6. Ok. It used to be there in the previous version, and it was very useful.

Taken - I think we’re talking about different things. When I see a lesson in the library, to the right of “Time” is “Taken”, and then a number. For example, Taken:19. This is about where percentage used to be - is possibly a typo?

7) Will you consider moving the “post and submit for correction” text below the post button (under the reply box for these forums)? I keep hitting post and submit by accident.
8) Will you consider having the “follow thread” box default unchecked?
9) Will you consider giving us the ability to suppress “timeline” and “recommended lessons”? Also, even when I uncheck the boxes, the information still shows up. The welcome page is too wide in my browser, so I have to use the horizontal scroll bar to see the stuff I want to see.
10) The archive option is behaving unpredictably. Sometimes the option is unarchive when it should be archive. Sometimes the lesson won’t disappear after being archived until I refresh.

Just to add to Wulfgar’s point 9 under NEW :

I, too, think a ‘suppress’ option would be good for the Time Line and Recommended Lessons. Failing that, could we please only have recommendations shown that we tick? I don’t necessarily want to see Beg. and Intermediate lessons every time I log on.

In order to see the welcome page with the time line etc I had to clear my cache (F5) several times, now I seem to be able to do the bits I want to do (apart from the ‘remaining unchecked’ business). (There is no great urgency, but it would be nice to see.)

Thank you.

Lingq has been working on Mozilla firefox for me. But there are two issues that are a problem:

  1. I cannot add an imported lesson to a collection. The option for this which used to be in ‘advanced settings’ is now no longer there.

  2. The audio on google translate is not working on Lingq. This is a major problem for me.

@bonnenouvellejonny - 1. There is now a course dropdown at the top right of the form for importing a lesson. You just have to choose your course there.This means you can add it to a course when you create the lesson now.
2. I assume you mean the text to speech audio. We know this is a problem and we will get it working. In fact, if you have Google Translate open in the dictionary tab, the text to speech does work there.


For me the Recommendations remembers what I selected, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Does it not for you?

I think we should wait for a while to judge how useful some of the features on the Learn page are. We are able to customize both sides of the page to suit what we are interested in. We also have not had enough time for the member interaction to kick in. Let’s wait for now. Personally I did not like the Learn page at first and now find it more and more useful.

@wulfgar - 1. I am clicking on the Download button at the top right of the page. Where are you clicking? I can also click on the Download link in the info pane or right click on the player. All locations download the file with the correct filename. I don’t think it’s possible for the file name to change based on some control on the page.
2. Now I see the issue. The popup opens when you hit the red x on your selected text. That is a bug. We will get that fixed. You should only have to see the dashboard pane when checking the dictionary or editing a LingQ.
3. Those numbers show how many New Words there are when you open the lesson. Yes, they don’t update until you refresh but the actual number of New Words is always visible in the dashboard so you can see it before you push the button. We may improve the animation/messaging on that button at some point.
4. We tend to use full size windows here but we are not trying to tell you how to use the web…! We will add a 1 column view once the dust settles on some of this other stuff.

Taken tells you how many other members have taken that lesson.

  1. We do plan to update forum controls before too long.
  2. Follow thread defaults to on when you post. We will leave it this way since the majority of people want to follow threads they post on and may not know how.
  3. I’m not sure what you mean by suppress. You can untick all options at the top of the Timeline box and it will show you nothing. As for the Recommended Lessons, they are not working properly now. You are supposed to see the lessons that other members are sharing/giving a rose. Unfortunately, you can’t share lessons at the moment so the list doesn’t change. It will eventually show a constantly changing list of lessons that other members recommend. You can also control the level of lessons you want to see by ticking the level tickboxes across the top. Both the tickbox settings for Timeline and Recommended Lessons is remembered. You can also, if you prefer, change the Recommended Lessons dropdown to show you My Lessons if you prefer.
  4. We have fixed some of the issues with Archiving. Archiving on the Learn page is not working still. However, when you archive a lesson it will remain visible until you refresh. That is by design so you have the option to undo.

@SanneT, ymirteshem - See no 9 above.


  1. I tried all of those ways, but it’s still called “download”, regardless of the lesson name. It’s an easy work around; I’ll just type in a name when I download the lesson. But I swear I’m not making it up :slight_smile:
  2. By suppress I meant I was hoping you would consider an option to let us turn those off, or minimize them. Incidentally, if I uncheck everything, I still see info. And when I toggle from recommended lessons to my lessons, it shows some lessons that I’ve already archived; not sure if this is part of your archiving issue.

11) Can I turn off all the “I’m studying a lesson in …” messages in my profile? All I want to see there is what posts I’ve made to this forum.

@Wulfgar - That is very strange and isn’t happening to me. We’ll keep an eye on this. 9) If you don’t want to see either the Timeline or other section, why come to the page. Stats are available on the profile if that’s all you want to see. Yes, we do know that archived lessons are still appearing. We’re working on getting rid of them.

9) Every time I change languages I’m forced to go to the learn page. If I change from Russian “my lessons” to Japanese, can you make it go to Japanese “my lessons” instead of the Learn page? If so, I can avoid the Learn page altogether.

11) Can I turn off all the “I’m studying a lesson in …” messages in my profile? All I want to see there is what posts I’ve made to this forum.

  1. You do have the option to view My Lessons on the Learn page as well by using the switch. Your selection is remembered. We are working at removing the archived lessons. Or just go straight to My Lessons. Up to you. The Learn page is meant to be a simple page which lets users do most things they need to do at a glance. Of course, the functionality needs to work which it isn’t quite doing properly yet.
  2. We are in the process of removing all of those lesson notifications and future lesson posts will only appear if you deliberately share them yourself.
  1. this might not be V2 related, but how do I find a list of my forum posts?

You can’t do this now. Perhaps some time in the future.

I think you can by clicking the number of posts “#### posts” under your name on any given Forum post