Minimum Participant Requirement for Group Conversation?

I am now preparing for English interview test and have already enjoyed several 1 on 1 conversations. I’m grateful for the enthusiastic supports of tutors.
Recently I signed up for a few group conversations. It seemed that I was the only participant. I guess I signed up 5 or 6 hours prior to the starting time. I was working on my English writing assignment while waiting for a call from tutor. Off course, Skype was online. When I finished my assignment, I noticed that it was already a half an hour passed the starting time. As a result, I had no call and only my points have gone. I’m afraid if the tutors didn’t know that I signed up for the conversation.Is there minimum participant requirement for group conversation? Can I have my points back?
I signed up for the conversation because the topic was interesting. So, it’s OK with me to have a 15 minutes of 1 on 1 conversation on the same topic if I am the only participant.
I would like to know how the sign up system works.

Hi Naomi,

I think you’re probably right that the tutor did not realize you were signed up for their conversation. They do get an email when you sign up for a conversation but sometimes it does get overlooked. Please email and let me know the tutor’s name so I can follow up and find out what happened. Please let me know the day and time, or as much information as you can remember. I will make sure your points are given back to you. If your tutor does not show up when they are supposed to, please always let us know at Support so we can follow up and get your points back to you. Group conversations do always go ahead no matter how many other sign up for them. Each participant adds 15 minutes to the duration of the conversation.

Dear Mark

Thank you for your support. I sent an e-mail about the details.

There isn’t a minimum number for a group conversation, in fact mine often turn into one-on-one discussions which is fine by me. I offer so many discussions that I couldn’t cope with the workload if they were all full!

Yes, your tutor may have missed your sign up. Sometimes we make mistakes! If you sign up at less than about 6 hours notice to an empty group conversation it’s a good idea to make sure that the tutor has noticed, putting a message on their wall or an e-mail or something.

I’m sure you can get your points back off LingQ support but it’s technically easier to send the tutor a message saying “Hey! You owe me 15 minutes! I am free at the same time in 2 days, perhaps we can talk then instead?”

BTW I hope it wasn’t me who missed the conversation?