Mini-Stories Project Update

In a way it doesn’t matter how these stories are translated, as long as they represent typical native speech. It is all good learning content. If there are serious problems, I am sure someone will point them out, but as long as these are done by natives I don’t expect that there will be.

that would be a good idea. I also think some variation in speed is not a bad thing. And in general the higher the level, the faster while maintaining clear diction.

*emphasize was what I meant:D
I also just did five of them this afternoon. Just waiting for the notice on how to record with iPhone and they should be good to go. I have also got my Chinese girlfriend on board to do them haha

I sent you stories for translation and instructions for audio recordings. Thanks for your help!

Hey everyone,
Just an update about the project.
I received more translations and recordings from you during day and also lot more emails with offer to help us, so first of all I want to thank you all for help and great work.
Please be patient if I don’t reply right away on your email. I will contact you all when I have list of stories ready. It’s not easy to coordinate so many people for so many languages that fast! :slight_smile:

My plan was to upload all translations and audio recordings I received until now to DropBox yesterday, but since I received more during day and I expect to receive lot more today and tomorrow, I’ll first sort this new files into appropriate folders for each language and then start uploading. After files are up on DropBox, I will let you know and everyone who in interested to check progress can let me know and I’ll share DropBox folder with you.

If you have any questions, you can contact me anytime on zoran(at)

I downloaded the app “Cloud Music Cut Pro” on my iPhone. After recording a text you can get it out of your iPhone by email.

Hey everyone!
If someone is interested to help us translate mini stories into German and French, that would be great! We need more people for these 2 languages.
Also, if you can help us with audio recordings for German, French and Spanish, please contact me on zoran(at)
I’ll visit Spain this summer and I hope to have Spanish mini stories up on LingQ as soon as possible, so that I can work on my Spanish! :slight_smile:
If anyone can help with recordings, that would be awesome!

I translated a few stories myself, and I would also like to check the progress of the stories. Here’s my email tiagodouglas.c(at)

Você tem que mandar um email para, ele está coordenando as traduções. Já existem outras pessoas traduzindo específicas histórias, então falar com ele vai evitar que você traduza histórias que outros já fizeram, e portanto, não perder tempo.

I will be happy to translate as much as I can of this in Arabic.

To ligado, ja fiz as traduções e ja mandei pra ele. O que eu quis dizer ali foi que eu queria acesso a pasta do dropbox dele com as traduçoes de todo mundo.

Zoran will be setting up access to the Drop Box file for all participants. Obrigado por sua ajuda e por favor, espere um pouco mais para Zoran configurá-lo.

I shared Mini Stories folder with you Tiago, you can check the progress if you are interested. Lot more files will be uploaded tomorrow.

Hey everyone,
The Mini Stories project is going great! I received translations for 19 languages so far and I expect this number to increase more during next couple of days.
Small change of plans, I am not going to upload all files to DropBox, I uploaded them to Google Folder instead and anyone interested to check the progress so far just let me know ( zoran(at) ) and I’ll be glad to share the folder with you.
Note that not all files I received are into Google folder, I will be uploading lot more files tomorrow.
You can expect Mini Stories uploaded at LingQ really soon for more languages! Russian and Swedish are ready to go and also Spanish and Dutch really soon.
Thanks a lot everyone and I am still open for any help offer, especially with recordings for all languages but we will also need lot more translations in all languages once when new English stories are ready.

Great work Zoran. I know we are short of volunteers for Asian languages so tomorrow I will be putting up three videos in Japanese Mandren Chinese and Korean, hoping to recruit more volunteers. Meanwhile I am thoroughly enjoying my great stories which have really brought up my level in that language.

Thank you

If anyone is interested to help us translate/record Mini Stories into Czech, Polish or Ukrainian, please contact me on zoran(at) We need more volunteers for these languages. Thanks!

Hello I can help with Arabic :slight_smile:

I don’t have time to help with the translations but I have a good microphone and some recording experience so I could help you out with that :slight_smile:

PS: I´m German

A good microphone and a perfect voice. I confirm.